Functional Medicine

The core belief behind Functional Medicine is that the human body has been designed to heal itself and all it needs is the right support through specific lifestyle changes. Functional Medicine provides a holistic approach to medicine and treating chronic diseases and conditions by fixing the problem from inside out.

At ADIO Chiropractic Clinic, we provide a Functional Medicine model of care with a patient-centered approach to various health issues and chronic disease management. We offer personalized and effective care for our patients’ needs by asking the correct question. Most models of medicine seek to answer the question, “What’s wrong?” That only provides criteria for recognized pathologies and disease. The Functional Medicine approach asks the correct essential question, “What’s not as it should be?” This allows us to compare an individual to the ideal health they are capable of achieving, not just avoidance of a state of sickness. 

This requires a thorough evaluation of the patient’s medical history and asking targeted questions to gather information that will be used to identify the root cause of the problem or illness. The causes can range from stress, anxiety, allergens, toxins, poor nutrition, genetic anomalies, and the microbiome of the patient.

The foundation of Functional Medicine is based on a natural and holistic approach. The treatment usually combines lifestyle and behavioral changes, nutrition, and therapies that accelerate healing at a cellular level, such as laser therapy, as well as Lipo PBM Therapy for targeted fat burning.

We use Applied Kinesiology to diagnose and treat the body to restore normal function that has been affected due to age, stress, or other environmental factors. 

The experienced healthcare experts at ADIO Chiropractic Clinic in Libertyville, Illinois, also offer nutritional evaluations and blood work analysis as a part of our Functional Medicine program to help you eat right, improve the digestive system, and ensure optimal health.

Our patient-centered care and multi-disciplinary approach allows our doctors to support our patients throughout their wellness journey. Our functional medicine program is recommended for a range of common conditions including:

The Functional Medicine process at ADIO Chiropractic Clinic in Libertyville involves a thorough review of the patient’s health history, a comprehensive physical exam, specific lab tests and screenings as required, establishing health goals, and introducing the patient to our nutritional support program to help them achieve those goals.

If you are ready to make the change in your health from within, book an appointment with our expert healthcare providers at our Libertyville chiropractic clinic today and take the first step towards a better and healthier life!

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