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Kathy K.

"All the massage therapists are wonderful. If you aren't sure, just ask the receptionists. They know each therapist's style and expertise. I've gone to Kim several times, and she has adjusted the pressure every time and hit those knots perfectly. The doctors are great. Both listen well and ask lots of questions before adjusting. They are friendly, warm, and welcoming."

Laura M.

"I had an acute lower back problem that I was going to physical therapy for. The PT helped to a point, but I wasn't fully getting better. The PT wanted me to get an MRI, but I had a feeling I needed something else. Dr. Danny was recommended to me by a friend. I was skeptical, but open minded. Well, not only did Dr. Danny fix my acute problem, but also rid me of a chronic lower back problem I had had for years! (This problem only bothered me when I gardened a lot or read the weekend newspaper on the floor so I just figured it was arthritis and not enough to mention to anyone). That's when I knew Dr. Danny and proper chiropractic care really work. I also see Gail, massage therapist, to help unknot tight muscles all over. Both Dr. Danny & Gail have led me to be pain free."

Carol J.

"... I began the Shape Reclaimed program under Dr. Danny McLane, and found it changed not only my shape, but my health and my life! I lost 80 lbs on Shape, and turned my health around. Before implementing the changes as outlined by the program, I had high blood pressure, was borderline diabetic, and had difficulty walking due to my wieght, plus a hip problem. Under Dr. McLane's care, I was able to shed the toxic fat, turn the clock back twenty years, and felt like a new person! Dr. McLane has also treated other health needs. His holistic, natural approach ties into the philosophy I espouse. I highly recommend him as a physician, and healer."

Brooke E.

"Dr. Danny is incredibly gifted. I struggled with infertility for a year and decided to go to him instead of fertility drugs. After a few appointments, that were painless and noninvasive, I got pregnant. He has helped me overcome my anxiety and has helped get my mind and body back into a healthy state. My family and I are are very much grateful for the work that Dr Danny has dedicated himself too."

Jayne H.

"I've been a patient of Dr. Danny for several years now. I can honestly say that he's helped me through many difficult times in my life. Not only from a physical standpoint, but also emotionally. I've referred several of my friends to him, as I trust him to take care of their needs as individuals. He is not a "one size fits all" Dr., instead he takes time to figure out your needs, and customizes a plan around that."

Kayla H.

"I met Dr. Danny through kind of odd circumstances. We share a passion for a medieval combat sport. Through that sport I met Dr. Danny and I haven't looked back since. I come down from Ontario Canada on average between three and four time a year and make sure that I get to see him when I do. Since my accident in 2003 no chiropractor has been able to help me as much as Dr. Danny has. He told me what was actually wrong with my legs and knees. He was the first Doctor out of a line of many that told me that I likely had Genu verus and Patellofemoral Syndrome. I more than happy travel to see him. It is well worth the time. Dr. Danny is amazing at his job. All of us in the medieval combat sport say he has magic hands."

Aaron G.

"Very knowledgeable and has provided amazing relief so I can continue doing the physically straining activities that I perform."

Lela S.

"Visiting Dr. McClane because of pain in my left hip that was disrupting my sleep. After my first adjustment I actually slept through the night!"

Teri D.

"ADIO has the best chiropractors I have ever seen. They embrace a completely holistic approach to healthcare and are skilled at not only minimally invasive adjustment techniques, but also naturopathic medicine, pain relief modalities and essential oil therapy. I've been to many chiropractors over the years (I am a nurse with chronic back and leg problems) and am extremely impressed with Dr Danny. I would never hesitate to recommend him to my patients, friends and family. He has also helped me successfully lose weight naturally after trying everything over the the past twenty years. ADIO also has the best massage therapists in Lake County!!"

M. A.

"When I walked into ADIO, my pain level was quite severe (9/10) and by the time I left, it had been significantly reduced (3/10). Amazing! I am very impressed with Dr. Danny's persistence to treat and reduce my pain. During my visit, I received chiropractic care, massage therapy and acupuncture; all contributed to my overall results. The doctors and the staff are compassionate and professional; and the treatments are effective!"

Dan M.

"Super friendly and knowledgeable staff! I felt GREAT after just a few treatments! you need to get in there and check them out."

Steve N.

"Dr. Danny in a miracle worker! Sharp pains gone and I can stand and turn my neck again as if I was a young boy again!"

Victoria M.

"My experience at Dr. Danny's office went beyond my expectations. He is an incredible doctor and person who is extremely attentive to his patients, and creates a real sense of comfort and trust even after just knowing him a few minutes. On top of that, he is incredibly smart well versed in what he does. He help me with a lower back issue that has been plaguing me for several years that a prior chiropractor hadn't been able to really help with. He was also able to help with digestive issues I've had, and in general you just leave feeling great and like he really listened to you, which I don't find with most doctors. I would honestly recommend him to anyone. He really works some magic!"

Lori R.

"I am nothing but impressed by the care that I have received from Dr. Danny McLane. I am very pleased with the care provided to me by Dr. Danny. I have visited him several times this past month and he has erased the issues that had recently developed. I will definitely continue to be a regular visitor to ADIO."

Gunnirun R.

"Chiropractors are a dime a dozen but not ADIO Chiropractic. I like Dr. Danny a lot. He is understanding and professional. Its straight forward chiropractic and I like that. Ill be going back."


"Thanks to Dr. Danny and the staff! Everyone was kind and professional but best of all - I feel so much better."

Rob G.

"Dr. Danny is extremely knowledgeable about the human body and a master at his craft. I would recommend his services to anyone."

Stephen R.

"Danny is a fantastic healer. I've come to him before with old injuries that he healed in a matter of minutes, it blew me away! He's forgotten more about the body than I'll ever know. Once I came to him with a pain in my calves from excessive jogging. I thought it was still healing, but he told me the pain was because it didn't heal properly. He had me do some PT and compressed it while doing so, and the pain was GONE."

Amber D.

"Amazing and friendly service. Kind guy and always goes the extra mile to make sure you are taken care of and that you understand your treatments. He's a fenominal doctor!"

Matt M.

"Dr. Danny is the real deal. On top of being outstandingly knowledgeable and humble, he is fluent in breaking down and explaining everything he's doing (and why it works) in a way that's easy to understand. As his patient, You are the priority. You can be sure that if you go to Dr. Danny, he's got your back. (literally)"

Nathan S.

"Dr. McLane has been instrumental in keeping me in the game over the past several years. Alignment, deep bruises,and muscle imbalances all melt away under his care."

Jacob S.

"Dr. Danny is a great doctor. He cares about his patients and practices with a high level of understanding, enthusiasm and professionalism. I think you will like your experience here!"

Suzanne M.

"We love going to ADIO as a first stop for all of our health care needs. Dr. Danny does an amazing job with getting to the root cause of the issue and really knows his stuff! He is also great with our two daughters (10 months and 2-1/2 years). We have found relief for all sorts of issues including: headaches, neck/back pain, allergies, stomach issues, stress, sleep issues, and so on. It is so nice to have so many services like Chiropractic, Massage and Acupuncture all in one place!! I strongly recommend anyone check them out!"

Kelly M.

"I am in good hands with Dr. Danny at ADIO. He is extremely knowledgeable and personable. He truly cares about his patients and goes above and beyond to be them feel comfortable. I had a lot of discomfort in my upper back, and after the first appointment I was already feeling so much better. ADIO is very good about getting me in the same day, if needed. With confidence, I would recommend Dr. Danny and ADIO to anyone."

Jeanne P.

"I have had back pain off and on for a number of years. It had more recently been getting considerably worse. I attributed it to poor posture and age. A friend mentioned to me that Dr. McLane was helping her with pain relief. What good fortune that my friend came across Dr. McLane and that she shared her experience with, and encouraged, me to try ADIO Chiropractic. I came in to my first visit with very distracting pain to my upper back. Dr. Danny did an evaluation and had me lay on my abdomen, checked a couple more points on my body and used a tool to snap an area on my upper neck. He asked me to sit up. I felt such immense pain relief that it overwhelmed me and I became tearful. I would suggest to anyone with pain to come in and see Dr. Danny. You do not have to feel terrible. I feel really happy to be feeling so much better. I look forward to my office visits!"

Pam H.

"I have been a patient at 3 different chiropractic clinics over the past 10 years. I have had the best results with the current physicians at ADIO Chiropractic Clinic. My long time concerns and issues have been addressed using different techniques and treatment than I ever was given before and I have had much better results and relief. I was pleasantly surprised when my entire skeletal frame was addressed as this had not been the case before; it made a big difference in the results. I would highly recommend working with these professionals to find relief and feel better."

Static K.

"Dr. Danny has given me amazing care from the littlest problems such as allergies up to issues of chronic back and leg pains that have caused difficulties in everyday life. His ability to get to the root of every problem and give relief almost immediately is astounding and unlike anything I have seen from any other chiropractor. I would recommend the care from this business to any of my friends and family."

Sara B.

"My experience with ADIO clinic has has been positive, especially in the last few months. Dr Danny has used several approaches in successfully adjusting my neck & back. Furthermore, Jill has brought much relief with the swelling & circulation problem in my leg. The pain is totally gone. I would definitely recommend ADIO as a source of non-invasive, immediate and drug free relief from pain, pinched nerves and general awareness of postural habits that contribute towards chronic pain."

Amy W.

"While I think of myself as proactive about my overall wellness, I'm pretty reactive when it comes to pain. I eat well and exercise, but when I'm in pain, for whatever reason, I put off getting a diagnosis and treatment until the pain is nearly crippling. I was in that hobbled state the first time I saw Dr. Danny. He interviewed me before giving me a thorough exam to see what lifestyle factors or bits of family history may have been contributing to the problem. He used various modes of treatment to rehabilitate my wonky SI joint and subsequent funky alignment, but it was his willingness to educate me on anatomy and physiology that I most enjoyed. Like a curious four year old, I feel like I asked him, "But why?" with every manipulation, and he never tires of my ceaseless questions. He is such a tremendous physician, that in my frequent travels to the NW 'burbs from the St. Louis area - which is saturated with chiropractors fresh out of Logan - I make it a point to see Dr. Danny. He is a phenomenal physician and an excellent educator with a gentle and humorous manner. In short, you want him to fix you up. :)"

Amanda L.

"Dr. McLane is amazing at what he does. I had a cough for week and he had me use some of his oils and I never feel better. No doctor has ever cared so much and listen to what wrong before just picking something off the shelf. He knows what he is talking about and I never want to go back to normal medicine again."

Katherine B.

"This was my first time seeing someone about the chronic pain in my neck and shoulder. I hadn't realized how much strength I had lost in my left arm until Dr. McLane was going through the neurological exam... within 15 minutes and two small pops on my back I was able to move my neck and shoulder without pain. Dr. McLane is a miracle worker. I would highly recommend his practice to anyone with chronic pain, especially first time patients."

Nic M.

"For my whole life, I have suffered from anxiety. I also have chronic back pain due to the stress and anxiety, and from sitting at a desk all day at work. I refused to take medication, because that's only masking the problem ! I started getting weekly adjustments along with acupuncture from Dr. Danny about a year ago and I have never felt better ! The adjustments help loosen my back up, since it also gets pretty stiff from working at a desk at work all day.. but also helps relax my body and calm me from the stress and anxiety of life. I highly recommend going in to see Dr. Danny ! :)"

Nadine M.

"I have lived with a list of many things that I could not eat with out having to run to the ladies room, for 8+ years. I was "intolerant" to so many things, the worst being garlic, which made it near impossible to eat out, anywhere! With just a couple visits with Dr Danny and his crew....I CAN EAT...with out the urgent need for the bathroom nearby! He has changed my life so drastically that I am looking forward to living my life! Now, I will be able to go out with family and friends when ever I want, something I used to take for granted! I love life again, now that I can eat! I know that Dr Danny has me on the true road to wellness, I have faith he will get me there!"